king of limbs album – radiohead

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like amnesiac and eraser had a child…

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little by little:


{victoria beckham – nyfw 2011}

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for her presentation this week in new york, victoria beckham (expecting her fourth child), wore one of the loose, cashmere cocoon dresses that she said she found intimidating when she was more of a novice…

these roomier designs take more work, but they are worth it so women can be fashionable – as well as comfortable, explained Beckham, her hair pulled into a long ponytail.

“i designed this collection before i knew i was pregnant,” she said with a laugh to the small crowd of editors, retailers and stylists gathered at her favorite upper east side mansion runway venue that allows her to individually greet guests.

“i’ve grown as a professional and as a woman. i feel like i have permission to be free and i want to give women more freedom.” the collection focuses on a neat, precise shoulder.

the models wore black swim-caplike hats, strong bold colors and lots of shoulders were shown as well as stand-up necks and long silhouettes…

everybody’s talking about her perfectly tailored pieces… she’s legit, the real deal…

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{inspired by…}

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bold prints and vibrant patterns… neon reds complementing earthy bamboos… buildings painted every color of a desert sunset… bright lips and dewy skin with classic open-toed sandals strolling along narrow broken cobblestone streets.

brook&lyn necklaces


French Apple Tart (via fête)

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love this! going to the grocery store in 5, 4, 3….

French Apple Tart Dear Tarts (of all shapes, sizes and varieties), I apologize for always snubbing my nose at you.  For too long, I have considered you irrelevant; if you have cake or pie, why would you need a tart?  Or so I thought… I'm sorry for being severely unhappy every time you would make an appearance for dessert and for wishing you were a giant piece of chocolate cake.  I was wrong. Thankfully we have been spending a lot of quality time together lately. … Read More

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lykke li – untitled

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Lykke Li – ‘Untitled’ from Lykke Li on Vimeo.

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shot in the streets of paris by hugh lippe for the cushnie et ochs spring collection campaign


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