{first listen: rome}

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finally… after 5 years in the making, the daniele luppi/danger mouse project (a.k.a. rome) is in full flourish for us to listen to… one listen to big orchestral pieces such as “theme of rome” and you understand what this record is about…

definitely worth the wait… dreamy, intimate, vintage acoustic sounds encompass the album with norah’s raspy soulful voice…

What makes it so special is that the 15-track record draws its musical inspiration from the spaghetti western scores of ennio morricone. for sonic authenticity, “rome” was recorded in a low-fi analog studio in the italian capital… danger mouse was behind the soundboard while luppi led an italian orchestra…

white makes the most of his own three appearances, from the tone-setting portent of “the rose with the broken neck” to the album-closing “the world,” which helps conjure mental images of rolling credits. but jones and white aren’t the only scene-stealers in rome: edda dell’orso pops up in the album-opening “theme of rome,” picking up where she left off in the soundtrack to 1966’s the good, the bad and the ugly. (npr)

“it was really the dream to reunite the cantori moderni 40 years later. it was a choir put together by alessandro alessandroni–think about the sergio leone movies, the morricone soundtracks with those beautiful soprano melodies,” said luppi to the guardian. “alessandroni was not only the choirmaster, but his whistle is all over those movies.”

rome could just as easily have emerged from a vault, sealed 40 or even 50 years ago. that’s clearly the point: from start to finish, the album provides a timeless, arduously arranged backdrop to past generations’ visions of panoramic vistas and blood-stained betrayals. (npr)

definitely the download of the week…

behind the scenes: in the making

free stream while it lasts of their album below:


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