Lady Gaga – Fit for a McQueen

02.11.2010 § 36 Comments

Red Laced Dress, McQueen Fall 1998

Gold paillette-covered shrug, McQueen Fall 2007

Black Sweater Dress, McQueen Fall 2009

Reptilian sequined dress with a bubble skirt, McQueen Spring 2010

Lady Gaga in French Vogue Nov 2009, McQueen Fall 2006


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§ 36 Responses to Lady Gaga – Fit for a McQueen

  • Neema Shaw says:

    dont care what she wears … how she acts …. i still love her ….. she has talent … thinking outside the box always make humans feel uncomfortable

    • Marsianna says:

      Lady GaGa is actually fit to be a McQueen and may want to be just like her

    • Cyrus says:

      Just the fact that one feels the need to be “Out of the Box” by itself creates a question as to Why?
      She has come and she will disappear like so many others who were Out of the Box!
      Show one like Aristotle who also was out of the Box of his times.

  • Tony says:

    Somebody call the fashion police…

  • shellie says:

    r.i.p. alexander

  • Sean says:

    This chick, or whatever she is, is a fucking idiot! What the fuck is that all over her face spaghetti sauce? Nonsense. And I’m not saying that because her thinking outside the box makes me feel uncomfortable, I’m saying it because it’s just true. Besided I’m an alien anyhow so it doesn’t even apply to me. Nanu Nanu!

    • Randy says:

      yeah but you are the patetic one because if you dont fucking like her just shut the fuck up you stupid asshole and get a fucking life get off your fucking desk and look for some pussy

  • emanuela says:

    Mc Queen was a genious…..RIP

  • marywhitney says:

    RIP Alexander McQueen…..

  • iloveseoul says:

    Alexander McQueen, RIP.

  • McQueen and his stupid foot bondage. Someone could break their neck walking in those ugly shoes. Bad fashion can kill.

  • octopoe says:

    Like Warhol before her, Lady Gaga is taking pop art to a new level! And while eccentricity of this nature can get tiresome, at least Lady Gaga has the vocal and performance talent to back it up. Let’s not forget that she cut her chops in the New York club scene. And while definitely remaining in that mass-consumer pop column, I still respect artists who are willing to nudge that column in new and interesting directions.


  • SallyK says:

    I think one of the striking things about Lady Gaga is that she really is a most intelligent and interesting person, after having seen her interviewed on several shows. She is just into “performance art”. I like her music too even if I am puzzled by some of her “outfits”. North Coast Muse @

  • Chase says:

    My version of Gaga Land is right here:


    Chase Hunter

  • Chase says:

    More Gaga Land – the 25 cent peep show right here:


  • Lady Gaga is a prime example of performance art. She and Marilyn Manson are in a similar boat. The only difference is, she sings pop and he sings rock. They are both alarmingly intelligent accomplished musicians when the make up comes off.

    They both found an audience that will pay them to do what they want to do, and they give the audience what they want. More power to them.


    • LJ Simms says:


      This is just like performance art. I’m a drama student and I study people like GaGa every day Ron Athey, Franco B, Antoin Artaud, yeah ok they all performed on a stage and it was ‘theatre’ but GaGa is all panto anyway! Theres alot of people out there who are able to look past her ‘persona’ and all these utterly crazily beautiful outfits and think “GO GIRL!!!”

      LJ x

  • martha says:

    Saw her interviewed by Barbara Walters a couple of weeks ago. She also has a brain!

  • adiblogger says:

    Lady Gaga could have been invented by AMcQ I think
    she is really not only an artist but also kind of a piece of art itself

  • jingle says:

    amazing post!

  • I wonder what designer Lady Gaga is going to gravitate now that McQueen inspirations are no more?

  • Performance, indeed. Both Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen. But the late designer had a spectacular flair for the dramatic, and some of his clothing was not only art, but truly wearable art for those who could pull it off.

    Sad to see that talent extinguished.

  • Nikki says:

    RIP McQueen – a fashion visionary.

    As for Madam Gaga, I don’t want to be a fan but I can’t help it – I love her music (it makes me want to sing and dance wildly) and how she is a clothes hanger for crazy designs. At least she is interesting!

  • I was a little unsure about Gaga at first but it’s true that she’s a very talented and smart woman, so I’ve come to respect and appreciate her style of art. I also think it’s great that she pushes the pop culture limits, just as McQueen pushed the fashion limits. And I’ll be honest, I love seeing what she wears no matter how ridiculous it is. Great post!

  • Punya-BLOG says:


    get u’r own blog like


  • dijpinCPskool says:

    PPL let’s stop with the mean comments and cut down on the cursing! Ladt Gaga is ILLUMINATI and you know it but really?! shes a nice person

  • mcteach says:

    Art is subjective, but she is extremely talented. Whether you are in or out of the box, talent is talent.

  • !@#$ says:

    Its funny how when something is different people always attack it. Thats why european fashion is always ahead of american fashion. This is why Italian/French/British designers never wanna sell their things in the U.S. is because it will not be understood. GO GAGA GO>>>>

  • softballgirl78 says:

    It’s like those clothes were made for her. She has such talent and she thinks outside the box. That’s what makes her so appealing…she is willing to push the bar.

  • kerrycampbell says:

    Lady Gaga is amazing. Period!

  • very interested says:

    well i have to say that i first heard lady gaga, i heard her sing and really liked it. when i finally saw her perform, just last year, i was surprised. but i agree she is a performing. it is her niche. but like many, especially great talent, she will not disappear, but she may change her look over the years, even someday becoming main stream. i am in my 50s and have bought some of her music. i think that says it all.

  • 1jobsin says:

    yes, agree. the clothes are spectacular like she is..

  • Damen Schuhe says:

    Splendid point you’re making.. You seem to know what you write about. An alternative thing consequently frequently irritated me personally regarding these beliefs or studies is that they frequently conjure up relatively risky circumstances remote from standard experience. In any event… Though I am not completely certain if I agree on all of it, I by and large liked it and I will be back to your page to determine if you’ve written more posts about this matter in the future.

  • jonno :) says:

    Oh my, when i heard off alexander’s death, i nearly broke down crying.

    im only 13 but i feel as if mcqueen’s designs have been a part of my life, and now that he’s sadly departed from this world, i dont know if there will ever be a designer as creative,different and clever as the greatness which is alexander mcqueen.

    missed by many.loved by many.

  • jonno :) says:

    Also, i think mcqueen’s clothes were fit for gaga, as a huge follower of lady gaga her outfits always astound me, my favourite inpaticular, the full body sequin outfit with the armadillo shoes- by far my favourits mcqueen creation.

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