Whitney Port’s line to hit boutiques in Jan

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Reality starlet/Designer Whitney Port on the runway during her Whitney Eve Spring 2010 Collection presented by 
Mercedes-Benz at Bryant Park alongside Mara Hoffman and Nicholas K.

Whitney’s upcoming collection; Whitney Eve, will be in boutiques January 30th and price points range from $60-$400.

Her line is made up of tailored blazers, colorful blouses and sparkly cocktail dresses with high hemlines.

WWD sat down with The City’s reality star to talk about her future plans and working at People’s Revolution.

WWD: How do you think New York differs from L.A. in terms of fashion?

Whitney: I think New York fashion is just a lot more sophisticated and a lot more forward thinking.

People are more willing to take chances here. People take more pride in what they wear and obviously they have to dress for the elements.

WWD: You’ve started with apparel, but do you ever see yourself venturing into accessories?

Whitney: I would love to but I don’t know how talented I’d be at it. But eventually, I think that would be a cool option.

WWD: You’re at People’s Revolution five days a week, how do you have time to work on your line?

Whitney: Actually, I’m in and out of there. I have a design space in there and then I also have my apartment,

which we just built a whole little section to design in. I mean, I have to be out in the field. Kelly [Cutrone] told

me, ‘You know, this is your passion project, so you do whatever you have to do to get this done’. This is my first priority.

WWD: The other “Hills” veterans ventured into the design world with not as much success as they’d hoped. Heidi Montag developed a line that closed shortly after and Lauren Conrad decided to bring her line to Kohl’s after not weathering well in the high-end market. Does that concern you at all?

Whitney: I put myself in a different sort of realm as them. Obviously it’s scary. I think it’s really hard to break out right now since the industry is struggling. I mean, people don’t want to spend their money on clothes right now – it’s a luxury. You’re always worried about people not understanding your point of view, not being able to get it. But I think my biggest competition is myself.

The very optimistic as always knows about the hardships it’s going to take, but obviously that’s not holding her back.

Can’t wait to see the complete collection on the racks!


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