Kelly Cutrone says it like it is

11.24.2009 § Leave a comment

Whit’s mentor, Fashion Publicist, Kelly Cutrone says it like it is.
Why can’t my boss be so blunt like this? Straight to the point.

Divine Subjects: Anal probes, charity, and everyone treating the world like fashion week to make a difference.
No… really, she speaks about her goals and upcoming release of her first book, including a 3 second segment about anal probes.

The impending tome will be “a real girl’s guide to the real fucking world.”

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The berating persona she exudes in The City and The Hills where she’s giving scary, sober advice to girls like Lauren and Whitney, who both nod gravely while trying not to pee themselves… basically it’s what us girls need sometimes. Not some version of the world seen behind pink tinted heart-shaped shades… It’s not a whip-creamed version of the world.

Who knew that under that harsh on-screen front, she has a heart of gold wanting to help young women achieve their goals and outreach work.

“It’s kind of a pop culture fourth wave of feminism book”

“It’s not like a how-to book so much as a kind of power girl’s guide,” she said. Topics to be covered will include how to get your first apartment, why it’s important to leave a place if you feel like you’re going to cry, how to buy lingerie and how to tell the difference between a slant six and a V8 if you’re in the market for a muscle car.

Space is already reserved for my bookshelf for the book coming out on March 2010.

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